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At Bruvoll Camping & Hytter you’ll find all the facilities you need when on vacation. Please contact us if you are thinking about renting any of our facilities. We also offer waitering services.

Reception with kiosk

In our kiosk you will find frozen foods, drinks, candy, eggs from the zoo and toiletries.

Pavilion with peat roof and grill

At Bruvoll Camping & Hytter we have our own pavilion with grill. Here you can enjoy your barbecue regardless of the weather!

Sitting room

We let out our large sitting room for meetings, baptism parties, confirmations, anniversaries, etc. There’s space for up to 50 people – more if no food is to be served. Here you will find a fully equipped kitchen with coffeemakers, refrigerator, freezer, oven and more. Also available for use is a projector and other equipment for your meetings or presentations.

The “gamme”

The “gamme” is a hut fashioned in the old style with an octagonal peat roof. In the hut you will find a centrally located fireplace, and seating for up to 35 dining guests. There is also a grill located just outside.

Sanitation building

No campgrounds are complete without a nice and clean sanitation building. Bruvoll Camping & Hytter can offer you seperate facilities for men and women. Shower access is available for a small fee. We can also offer you rooms for you personal hygiene for no fee.

Food preparation

We have simple facilities for washing dishes, etc. and hot plates.


You will have access to a washing machine and dryer.

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