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Bruvoll Camping & Hytter offers a variety of different activities for the whole family, school classes or bachelor parties. Contact us and we’ll find out together what best suits you.

School trip

School trips are very popular among the students. Such a trip often turns into an unforgettable experience with a host of different activities and fond memories. Bruvoll Camping can accommodate schools from all over Norway and ensure that they get a memorable experience in beautiful surroundings.

“Blåtur” and teambuilding

If you are thinking of arranging a blåtur with teambuilding, for your company or organization, we have a tailored package for your needs. When arranging a blåtur it is important that everyone participating feels included and that the activities are suited to everyone. A blåtur is first and foremost a collection of activities made for the employees, and it is important that one bears this in mind so that everyone are able to participate. We can offer fun and inclusive activities – no extreme sports or over-the-top activities. Contact us if you are planning a blåtur and we’ll find out together how to make the trip as memorable and fun as possible.

Children’s birthdays

It’s becoming more and more popular to arrange birthdays outside the home. Many choose to invite the whole party out to a restaurant or an amusement park. Contact us and we’ll help you arrange a memorable birthday.

Canoe, kayak and fishing

If you are interested in paddling, bathing or fishing we have a varied selection of activities for you. We have pre-made trails with resting places, canoe and kayak rental, and plenty of fishing opportunities.

Experience nature

Bruvoll Camping & Hytter is surrounded by lovely nature and we have several nature and forest trails for you to enjoy. A walk through the woods is good for both body and soul.

Children’s farm and zoo

I the zoo you can meet all the animals living in Bruvoll. Here you’ll find goats, pigs, horses, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. You can also go horse riding or ride in a horse and wagon.

Activities Day

Bruvoll Camping & Hytter a day filled with activities for:

  • Kindergartens
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Bachelor parties
  • Blåtur
  • Organizations
  • Birthdays

Some of the activities that we offer:

Boat trips and fishing

  • Canoe and kayak rental
  • Pre-made trails and rest stops
  • Plenty of opportunities for fishing

Horse riding

  • Horse riding on forest trails or fields
  • Horse and carriage
  • Horse grooming and riding instruction


  • Grill pavilion with peat roof
  • Large rec room with TV
  • Access to kitchen
  • Large hut (gamme) built the old fashioned way, with fireplace

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